About the Author

The slightly above average height leprechaun depicted above is Chase Dickens: impeccable dresser, beard enthusiast, and author of this blog.

Chase resides in South Mississippi, where he was born and raised. Years ago he chose to embrace the sweet, euphoric bliss of insanity. He dabbles in reading, writing, and solving the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. Chase enjoys good beer, not meeting new people, and writing short bios about himself in the third person.

3 Responses to About the Author

  1. Tami Dendy says:

    Chase, I looked you up after reading your story Fired and Retired. My grandmother’s maiden name was Dickens and she was from Lucedale, MS. We are somehow related to Charles Dickens but I did not even get one percent of his writing skills, if you are related to him it looks like you were the one to get that gift. I have LIKED you on fb so I can keep up with you. I grew up in Jackson, MS but now reside in Houston. MS. My husband and sons have some cattle. Thanks for the story. Tami Miller Dendy


    • chasedickens says:

      Tami, I’m quite jealous of your lineage. My family is pretty sure we aren’t related to Charles Dickens (our surname was “Dicken” in England). However, I am extremely flattered that you think I have a gift for writing. Compliments like yours always make me feel better after I’ve been yelling obscenities at the computer and start feeling like some sort of writing fraud.
      So, thank you so much for reading and your lovely comment. I’ll do my best to give you something interesting to keep up with.


  2. Tami Dendy says:

    Chase, I’m sure that even Charles had his moments of frustration. So see, you are in good company. Looking forward to more of your stories. Tami


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